Funny (and some serious) Travel Blogs

Hi everyone! Today Meaghan will be doing our blog tracking presentation on travel blogs.  Some that we have found that you can take a look at are:

Hope you enjoy!



Sociology and Culture Studies Blogs

Feminist blogs
Collaborative general feminist blog.  Has a comment policy notable for not cosseting trolls of any sort (and feminist blogs tend to get visited by trolls fairly often)
A feminist blog that focuses on science fiction, fantasy, and related topics, also collaborative.  Less active than it used to be.
Individual feminist blog.  Very new.

2-15-11 Music Blogs

Hey guys, here are the blogs that we will be discussing tomorrow. 
Tomorrow we will be discussing two types of music blogs; indie rock & hip-hop. 

Take a look!

Indie Rock:

Obscure Sound

Pop Tarts Suck Toasted

Neon Gold Records





Personal style blogs

Hello! I’ll be presenting solo on personal style blogs, a subdivision of fashion blogs. I’ll be covering some of the most popular, heavily visited personal style blogs in order to show what makes a successful one (many, many, many are unsuccessful).

Sea of Shoes

Style Bubble

The Style Rookie

Finally, I’ll talk about a blog that cannot totally be categorized as strictly personal style (although outfit photos are a regular feature), but is so fascinating that it simply needs to be discussed:

Gala Darling

See you tomorrow!


Sports Blogs

Hey Guys,


Jasmyne and I are going to present on the various types of sports blogs that are out there.  On Tuesday we will cover:




Frat House Sports

and finally

The Dirty Tackle


There are some fun and humorous posts that we are going to cover, as well as the different types of sports blogs and the influence of social media over them.


See you guys Tuesday!


Photophobic Continued

Hello All,

Patrick and I wanted to add to our blog list:

(Click on the name to follow the link.)


A photographic journal that also gives tips on taking and editing pictures.

Photography Blogger

Promotes other photography weblogs.