Blog Theorizations

Working with a partner, write a post for the class blog and lead a discussion of one of our readings in new media studies. The post should be about 500 words. The presentation should be about 10 minutes. Focus on identifying key points and concepts and on raising substantive questions for group discussion. The blog post should go up the day before the presentation. Others should read and comment to help set the agenda for discussion.

“So, what did you all think of this essay or book?” is not the kind of question likely to generate discussion. More helpful would be something along the lines of, “Early in his book, Denby uses terms such as ‘parasitic’ and ‘debilitating’ to describe snark. Why does he use such terms? Do you agree with his characterization? Why or why not?” Point us toward particular moments in the author’s argument and invite us to weigh in. That is the kind of move likely to start a conversation about the substantive issues with which a text is engaged.


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