“Awkward Family Photos”

I just stumbled upon this blog called, “Awkward Family Photos” and not only do I find it very entertaining, I find it very unique.  I particularly enjoy how the author pokes fun at family pictures through a glance of an actual picture with a very humorous one-line caption.  Though it is atypical of a writers blog, the one-line captions are very effective.  They are short and hilarious and often lead to very long threads from the readers.  Further, the two authors, Mike and Doug, break their blog into appropriate categories, such as Awkward Baby pictures, which makes navigating the blog very easy.  This blog is particularly successful because it is a funny experience every person can relate to.  Who hasn’t had an awkward family picture?  Through these clever one-liners and hilarious photos, this blog achieves its targeted goal: to make viewers laugh and want to come back for more.


Funny (and some serious) Travel Blogs

Hi everyone! Today Meaghan will be doing our blog tracking presentation on travel blogs.  Some that we have found that you can take a look at are:







Hope you enjoy!