“Menswear is a noun”

I chose this post from the blog Fuck Yeah Menswear. I really like this particular blog because it is CRAZY unique! There is really nothing informative about Fuck Yeah Menswear and it’s definitely not trying to address any political or social issues. But! I love it! It’s pure entertainment. The style sticks out to me because it breaks all the rules in the best way.

Like all the posts to Fuck Yeah Menswear, the format follows a rhyming almost rap of short verses, throwing normal sentence structure to the wind. This blogger also always goes crazy with references from both academia (Manifest Destiny?) and childhood (the Lorax!), and mixes sophisticated references (Dark and Stormy) with ridiculously dirty language (“fuck no bitches”). I really enjoy the humor of this bloggers style and the sense that he is not taking himself seriously in the least bit. This style is accessible, funny, smart, and entertaining.