100% in love with Gala Darling’s Biba post

I chose to highlight Gala Darling’s latest post, an informational article about the British clothing company, Biba, mainly because I admire its formatting. The information is neatly organized in a format that is easy to read, despite the fact that it is much longer and written more formally than her usual posts (this entry is by no means difficult to follow, but readers’ expectations can really affect how they feel about a post). The text is broken up into short paragraphs, pictures punctuate different sections of the article, the sections of the article are well-organized and flow in a logical chronology, and block quotes highlighted in pale pink add even more visual interest and variety to the post. Gala’s writing style and formatting aesthetics make her article seem so approachable and undemanding, from the clear distinctions between sections (a picture, a line, and the casually-toned title of the next section in huge font) to the bursts of pink in the links and quote. I believe that the ability to inject personal style into the formatting of one’s posts shows true blogging skill, and Gala is simply wonderful at it.


Personal style blogs

Hello! I’ll be presenting solo on personal style blogs, a subdivision of fashion blogs. I’ll be covering some of the most popular, heavily visited personal style blogs in order to show what makes a successful one (many, many, many are unsuccessful).

Sea of Shoes

Style Bubble

The Style Rookie

Finally, I’ll talk about a blog that cannot totally be categorized as strictly personal style (although outfit photos are a regular feature), but is so fascinating that it simply needs to be discussed:

Gala Darling

See you tomorrow!