Feelings vs. First Amendment

Hey all,

I just read this article online about a teacher who has been suspended because of her blogging rants about her students. Apparently, she had a few choice words that she chose to share with her readers (mostly friends and family). I was wondering how you feel about this. On one hand, we have the right to speak our minds (protected by the first amendment), but on the other  hand, we have someone who is supposed to be a role model to the impressionable youth.

Personally, I haven’t formed any opinion yet. I do believe that this is something that should be taken seriously; teachers are there to inspire students and encourage them to do their best, not to shoot them down when they’re being kids. Disciplinary action should be taken, but I don’t know if she should lose her job over it.




DIY/Craft/Green Blogs

For tomorrow, Jaccii and I will be discussing DIY/craft/green blogs. The three blogs we chose to discuss are:

Have fun exploring and see you tomorrow!