Hi guys! Today Jon and I are going to continue our journey toward demystifying the sensation of the blogosphere! We are going to further discuss the role of blogs in politics, as depicted in David D. Perlmutter’s Blogwars. The chapters we’re going to discuss today are based upon Perlmutter’s experiences with political blogs, and his perspective on the impact they’ve made on politics over the years as the phenomenon has continued to grow. Hope you come ready for a great discussion! See you all soon!

blog theorization


“Soccer is Feelings”

Goal Blog is a soccer blog affiliated with the New York Times that I have been following for a few weeks now. Most of the posts are written with a reporter-like stylistic approach, but this one I came across portrayed something much different. This post, titled At Algarve Cup, the Power of Confidence, talks about how important confidence is to a soccer player, and how it can impact a game, and their career. I love the tone and sense of passion the author depicts throughout this post. Ironically, the initial reason I was drawn to this post, was not because of my admiration for the author. I played against the author of this post my freshman year at Maryland. Although she is a fantastic player, she happens to have played for our University arch rivals UNC, and so by law I’m not allowed to openly admit to being a fan of hers. Interestingly enough though, she speaks of something I value so much as a soccer player; having the confidence in both yourself, and your team, to know that you are capable of achieving great things. I found this post so thought provoking and well-written that I’m forwarding it to my coach and team for inspiration!


Woodhull & Claflin Weekly

Hello Everyone!

Melissa and I are going to introduce a magazine pulished in the 1870s titled Woodhull & Claflin Weekly. I don’t want to spoil anything just yet, because tomorrow you’re going to learn some pretty cool things about one of the greatest female activists in American history. However, if you’d liked to browse around before then here’s some cool links!

Victoria Woodhull

Victoria Woodhull 2

The Arrest

More Controversy

That Was Then, This is Now

That Was Then, This is Now 2

See you all tomorrow!