A Not-So-Professional Review

So as this guy is pretty much my favorite movie blogger, it’s no surprise that he’s the one I’m posting on here.  The guy’s name is Vince and he runs the website FilmDrunk.com.  The site is a movie-news site, but he takes it really lightly and sprinkles in his humor to most of it — and I love it.  I think he’s a terrific writer (I believe he has a Master’s from NYU) and he’s really great at getting his humor across.

For those of you who don’t know, my site is me reviewing bad movie from this list over at IMDb.  So for the post I wanted to stand out, I chose Vince’s review of this Brazilian movie he saw at Sundance.  It’s fitting for a few reasons, the main one being that he’s completely upfront that the review is hyperbolic and not that professional, but he doesn’t care.  He really loved the movie and wrote about it as such.  I think that all movie reviews should be like this, and not the pretentious metaphor contest it really is, but le sigh, what am I to do about it.

Anyway, here’s the post (BAM), and I hope you enjoy it like I did.


PS, I’m pretty sick and will not be in class today.  Try not to have too much fun without me.


Mencken Addition

Just as a little add-on to our presentation at the end of class, here’s Mencken’s account of the Scopes trial, right here

The Media Blogs

Tomorrow, Jon and I will be taking a look at Media blogs, basically tracking different types of popular media, like TV, film and music.  We’ll look at the following:

The Futon Critic




Rope of Silicon