Sorry, Charlie.

I found this blog very funny and satirical in nature. One post in particular was concerning Charlie Sheen, who has seen a lot of face time in the media recently. The tag line for this post was, “Warning: Parents hide your kids but not necessarily your wives.” Charlie Sheen has been saying a lot of ridiculous things lately and it was interesting the way this blog used those quotes that came straight from his mouth, and associated with different comical well-crafted cakes. For instance, Charlie said, “I’ve got tiger blood, man.” And the blog posted a picture of these little cakes with what looks like drizzled strawberry syrup all over them and wrote underneath it, I hear it tastes like strawberries. I would like to write a post similar to this in connecting funny images with the topic for my own blog, which is macho movies. Instead of just writing about a movie I’ve seen I want to add some humor to my posts.


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