I’ve Got the To-Do Blues is a post from Oh My Words where Abigail explains that she doesn’t have enough to do to write a to-do list. Readers can relate to the subject because everyone has to-do list even if they don’t write it down. She engages the audience, but at the same time the post is structure. She incorporates pictures that connect with the subject and makes reading easier. This is important because it is web writing. Besides children books, books are expected to be all text, but the difference between a book is that a book as a certain amount of text that fits on a page. A web post on the other hand can be as long as you want it. Her post is not incredibly long, but if there were no pictures, it would look boring.

Her writing is structure and not just her random thoughts. She begins with the subject and then ends with an analysis; she feels like she doesn’t have a life. She compares her present moment where the most she has to do is the laundry to the past when she was a student and always busy. Having a structure helps readers to follow the topic and keeps readers in tune to the main point. Stream of conscious can be confusing when reading, although, it would make sense to the writer. The structure makes the piece tidier and easy to understand.


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