“Cupid Ain’t Stupid.”

I chose to write about this post from DANA JEANius because I think it is the prime example of what a blog post should be. It is revealing of her thoughts, yet not too exposing of who she is. It shares not just an idea, but something that many of her readers can relate to. I have actually read a few of her posts and have enjoyed them so much because unlike so many other blogs out there, she is actually a great writer whose posts aren’t littered with misspellings and grammatical errors, one of my big pet peeves in literature. I also appreciate her tone in this post. It is informative, not preachy, and while she uses plain, everyday language her post is still very lively. When I read this post it’s as if she is having a conversation with me and I like to read blogs who use that conversational style. Other than that, the statement she made about people who criticize Valentine’s Day being “jaded lovers or lonely losers” was quite funny. I am actually going to continue reading her blog, just to see where she takes it.


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