“Soccer is Feelings”

Goal Blog is a soccer blog affiliated with the New York Times that I have been following for a few weeks now. Most of the posts are written with a reporter-like stylistic approach, but this one I came across portrayed something much different. This post, titled At Algarve Cup, the Power of Confidence, talks about how important confidence is to a soccer player, and how it can impact a game, and their career. I love the tone and sense of passion the author depicts throughout this post. Ironically, the initial reason I was drawn to this post, was not because of my admiration for the author. I played against the author of this post my freshman year at Maryland. Although she is a fantastic player, she happens to have played for our University arch rivals UNC, and so by law I’m not allowed to openly admit to being a fan of hers. Interestingly enough though, she speaks of something I value so much as a soccer player; having the confidence in both yourself, and your team, to know that you are capable of achieving great things. I found this post so thought provoking and well-written that I’m forwarding it to my coach and team for inspiration!



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