Off Topic

Hello all! I really enjoyed this post by my favorite Gator Bride. I like it for a lot of reasons. I think it’s nice and helpful that she’s sharing ideas with her readers that aren’t necessarily wedding related. I also enjoyed it because my fiance and I do this too. We took a cruise and I bought some type of art from every island we visited. It was a blast.

Mostly, however, I enjoyed how she wrote about it. She included a lot of stuff about price and ideas on how to do things for cheap (or not so cheap.. but that octopus is AMAZING!), but she really likes what she’s talking about. Her deep interest led to a long post – which I sometimes prefer – that was both easy and enjoyable to read. It was a kind of journalistic/how to/photographic entry. The diversity of it is great, and I appreciate stopping in and finding something not wedding related. It can be exhausting thinking about paper and dresses and flowers all of the time. Maybe I should follow her lead.


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