A Stylish Blog Post from Natalie Houston

I very recently discovered Natalie Houston (as per Dr. L’s suggestion to me), an English professor/yogi, and her blog. One post in particular exemplifies her command of blog style.

Please check out the link: Where’s the love?

As a fellow yoga blogger and as someone immersed in the world of academia, I appreciate the way Houston introduces a somewhat foreign and philosophical topic to her readers in the beginning of her post, then applies that topic to life today, and ends by offering a practical way readers can implement this philosophy into their own lives.  For example, in “Where’s the love?” she first introduces us to the idea of the opening of energy fields and chakras, then applies that idea to Valentine’s Day reminder for us to remain open to and appreciative of all kinds of love, and finally offers a short breathing/visualization exercise we can try if we feel an absence of love in our lives.  This stylistic technique makes the seemingly esoteric knowledge/culture of yoga and meditation accessible to readers, which is what I aspire to do in my own blog.

She also uses style to democratize metaphysical philosophy and yoga to her readers by employing clear language.  She chooses simple diction such as contractions, ensures that her post is short, and punctuates her writing by bolding and “listing” the steps of the exercise.  She separates this part of her post from the rest of her prose, which allows readers a visual “break.”

Finally, Houston credentials herself as a writer interested in gaining a larger readership and promoting herself as an academic, writer and personal coach by listing links to her Twitter, RSS feed,email,  and newsletter.

Through her cleverly organized content, simple language, and links to her other online presences, Natalie Houston exemplifies strong blog style in her post, “Where’s the love?”


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