Writing for the Mommy-Blogosphere: What your Mom is Really Doing With her Laptop

As a quick preface, I’ll admit that from a technical standpoint, I’m not totally sure 1) into which category this post is going to go and 2) which category I’m meant to post this in in the first place. For our blog-tracking, Sarah and I are looking into both mommy blogs and their queer counterparts. It turns out there are tons of mommy blogs, queer and otherwise, but the ones we want to focus on specifically are A Queer Family Grows in Redneckville, Ninja Mom, and MotherhoodWTF. As a precursor to our presentation, I just want to point out some specific posts that are similarly themed and particularly funny:

(It seems like I should be able to format this a little more eloquently, but I’m coming up short, at present.)







Some things to keep in mind while thumbing through these blogs and reading these specific posts: Who is the target audience? What sort of folks are commenting on these blogs? Who is represented (or not) in their blogrolls? How does this particular slice of the internet fit with or depart from other blogging communities? How and why are these posts written (for example, what events warrant a post on a mommy-blog)? And finally, why on earth do we find these mommy blogs so compelling? Sarah and I are both pretty hooked. Who’d have thought?

Happy Blog Reading!

Will and Sarah

As a short post-script, here’s another wonderful queer mommy blog called Eat, Poop, Love. We’re not focusing on it in our presentation, but it’s a great read and I cannot, in good conscience, show you fewer queer mommy blogs than regular ones.


One Comment on “Writing for the Mommy-Blogosphere: What your Mom is Really Doing With her Laptop”

  1. Very late, obviously, to this topic, especially as a new school year has begun in the interim, but I have to note how very flattered I am to be a topic of academic study. Of all the things I’d hoped for with Ninja Mom, this wasn’t one of them. Fear not, that’s not a dig, it’s an expression of pleasant surprise.


    Nicole Leigh Shaw, aka Ninja Mom

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